Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit our office by appointment where you can view 2 of the models available Compact and Duo complete with cladding, electrics and we can show you the full range of optional extras. The Show Office is located in Daventry.

The two most important factors to consider when choosing to buy a garden office are:

  • where in the garden you would like it.
  • what size of building your garden can accommodate.

Most garden offices that we design and build do not require planning permission however the regulations are complex and to ensure the building is compliant, we will need to assess the exact proposed location along with an understanding of any surrounding buildings, boundary walls, location of your mains power etc. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the service we provide to our customers. Unlike others, we do not want to over promise and under deliver and therefore you can be confident there will be no last-minute changes on our quote. The price we quote is the price you pay, there will be no hidden charges or coming back to ask for more money.

In most cases, we are able to compensate for uneven gardens with our foundation system however if your garden slopes by more than 200mm from one end of the office to the other then we will need to install additional foundations. Should this be an issue we will find a solution to ensure your dream office is not compromised.

In most cases no, your NormPod conforms to a form of planning called “permitted planning rights for householders” This enables you to build a garden office without needing full planning permission. We would however always advise that you discuss your plans with your neighbours where possible. There are a range of exclusions applying to permitted development rights in England which cover: Conservation areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks, The Broads, World Heritage Sites, The gardens of buildings that are Grade I or Grade II listed, Areas with local planning restrictions, Areas with local planning restrictions, Any building with an eave height greater than 2.5m from ground level.

To ensure you comply with relevant building regulations we install a 3-way consumer unit in your office. This unit must be connected using a minimum 10mm armoured cable run between your home and office location. The cable should be buried at least 600mm from the surface. If you are running the cable you may also wish to consider running an external CAT6 (ethernet) cable at the same time for your internet connection. Once you have dug your trench and if you are wanting to secure your garden building with either an alarm or CCTV, then this would also be the right time to run these cables to help save you time and money. Don’t worry we can provide you with all the advice you may need. If you would like us to install your electrical connection to your house we are very happy to do so, but there will be an additional charge. We can give you an accurate quote as part of our site visit: we will first need access to view the location and type of your existing consumer unit.

Whilst we are able to accommodate solar panels on our NormPod, our expertise is with building and designing the garden offices itself and would suggest you identify your own solar panel experts. Please also note you will need planning permission as this will fall out of the ‘permitted development’ planning regulations and we would need to install additional reinforcement beams in your roof to support the weight of the panels which will incur additional costs. We are more than happy to project manage this on your behalf once you have appointed the installer.

Our Pödz are solid-long lasting buildings that have solid foundations and are firmly fixed in place. The unit can be relocated easily, however, all electrics would need to be isolated and we would suggest this is repositioned by one of our experts.

The desk is fixed in place as part of the construction.

Yes!! There are three options to ensure you have a good internet connection. The easiest is to install a wifi router or mesh system, but this will very much depend on how far your garden office is from your main internet access point, as well as whether there are any major objects that may ‘block’ the signal like thick stone walls, additional outbuildings etc. Alternatively we can install a Homeplug network system or arrange for a CAT 6 (ethernet) cable to be run directly from your house to the garden office at an additional cost. We would need to undertake a site survey for us to provide an actual cost estimate.

To be advised

All our work is backed up with manufacturers guarantees including 12 months on workmanship.

Our buildings have been designed to be thermally efficient with insulation in the floor and roof as well as wall system which makes our building not only better in terms of sound proofing but also well insulated.

To be advised

To be advised

Unlike other sellers of garden offices we are able to offer recessed dimable bluetooth down lights as standard and this is already included in your price. If you have a specific range of lights in mind then we can discuss these options and incorporate into the design.

Whilst underfloor heating is possible, we wouldn’t advise installing it with wooden flooring as wood generally has poor heat conductivity, and therefore you are unlikely to gain any significant benefit from it. If you did want underfloor heating, we would suggest you choose a tiled floor which we can include in the design if required.

All our windows are 28 mm thick safety glass and have been designed to maximise thermal efficiency and to reduce noise levels from your garden.

All our Pödz are fully insulated which means that not only are they thermally efficient, but they also have some sound proofing as standard. We can upgrade the sound insulation properties further if required but have found most of our customers are happy with the existing sound insulation that is already provided.

Yes, details TBC

Your Pödz must be at least 2m away from your house. Also as part of the planning regulations in some areas it cannot be further than 20m from your original building. Remember if you built an extension after your original house was built you will need to take this into account.

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on delivering on what we say we are going to do. Our prices are set as per our website for the NormPod, and the only additional costs will be for site-specific foundations and electrical supply, office chair and additional equipment that will be summarised on the configurator.